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Default The Biggest party of Summer 2016, is now blowing the lid off 2017

Some of the hottest artists and celebrities are reserving their spaces for the long awaited Project Lit.

Now to be hosted at a stunning, “exclusive Hollywood Hills mansion on April 15”, we’re only able to give out so many details. We will reveal our Summer party only got canceled because the LAPD threatened to shut us down. Even The Chainsmokers weren’t enough to stop them! But then, that got us thinking. And we’re happy to say, after many months in the lab, we have broken the code.

They can’t shut us down this time! Because now, we have a secret. A secret that will keep the party going all night. And you wanna know the best part? This hidden gem is available to us all — we’ll be giving it out to everyone! Trust me, it’s gonna be a night for the history books. So, stay tuned. We’ll be giving out more details soon. Till the break of dawn yo!

More detail please visit below link
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