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The truths will come out in the courts and hopefully made public.
Those "in the know" know what really happened.

Craig , I hear you. The AGCO has unlimited power of which they fully flex. They can walk into your venue at any time and state that patrons are drunk without actual proof, ie breathalizer, professional medical opinion.

The 45 day suspension Republik is currently facing has nothing to do with the raid, it is for a previous "offense". It just so happens to be good timing as August is typically slow, and staff need time off after this traumatic event.

Here are the AGCO's ground rules for removing a patron and/or issuing fines/bans
If you stagger, you are drunk
If you talk loudly and seem excited then, you are drunk
If you speak slowly and with a low voice, you are drunk
If you are dancing without a care, you are drunk
If they feel like kicking you out for any reason, they can!

Someone needs to govern the AGCO from this Martial Law they seem to have.
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