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They were pulling the same bullshit at Helium 5 years ago!!!
When they decide your too busy they try and throw a spanner in the works! They admitted it was motovated by poliical pressure from above.

They'd show up with a CITY BUILDING INSPECTOR, in the middle of a busy night and make us turn the lights on and the music off so he could measure the stair heights to see if they were up to building codes????

One time security caught a guy with coke and handed him to the cops at the front door. A week later we got an AGCO charge for "permitting narcotics on premises".

They'd come barging through the front door and run around looking for shit to charge us with. They never found one single thing, EVER!
All the charges they hit us with came from "undercover operations" with the undercover officer claiming there were numerous people openly smoking weed on the night they happened to be in???As if! They just made up crap.

Police harrasment is part of the club biz.
But what has happened at Republik is the worst case I've ever heard of. I'm in shock that this would happen in Toronto.
This story needs to become more public...
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