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You know what's of my ex-promoters who now works as a host for Republik, said that just 6 weeks ago, the staff of Republik along with a few representatives of the Toronto Police got together and discussed certain bylaws, things to improve on, ways to avoid things, etc. The Toronto Police, at that time, actually gave Republik a big thumbs up on their overall professionalism in regards to running their operation and said that they were considered to be one of the best and cleanest ran nightclubs in the downtown core. The security of Republik were thanked for their co-operation and that was that.

Some things to know with what happened. These are facts.

1. Over 100 ETF Officers stormed into the club through the side doors and made their way up to the VIP Area of Republik just after 1:00.
2. Everyone in the VIP was thouroughly searched - girls with bags had their belongings dumped everywhere, personal items destroyed.
3. The officers smashed the doors that the bartenders use to go in and out of their bar, and guns were held to their head if they made a move.
4. The guns that all these ETF guys had drawn were the ones with the red laser on the front for optimum aim precision. If you were to take a picture at one point, you'd be able to count at least 50 people at once with their hands up and a red circle in the middle of their forhead.
5. This all because they apparently had an arrest warrant for Dan in violation of drug trafficking.
6. My friend said that she noticed that 2 of the main ETF guys were bottle service clients that had recently become regulars at Republik that past 4 weeks.

So apparently, after all this brute force and unnecessary action, Police found $30 work of "blow" on Mr. Park. LOL. Are you fucking kidding me? Not even a half gram! There were ALOT of people injured, all women were balling their eyes out, people were searched and stripped, threatened of their lives and their wills were challenged. All because Dan likes to keep a little "persy" on him for the night. Dan is a stand up guy, known to be the people person out of all of Republik's management's staff. If the guy is being suspected of dealing cocaine, is it really necessary to ransack the club that he works at? I see some very big consequences coming in the way of the Toronto Police. Trust me folks...this won't go unnoticed.

We all know what the goal of this was, but do they think that making an example out of one of Toronto's best and biggest clubs is just going to fizzle away? Gonna be very interesting to see!
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