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Ohh There's way of getting these morons out of office.But it would take alot of investigation and money..For Example Don't You think there's a large kickbacks for every condo building that is being built???

And Why I have said it before..Why in Mammolitis area or riding there's sooooooo many rub n Tugs???? Don't you think for a second someone is getting a nice envelope at the end of the day????

And Finally I come to my good friend Adam Vaughn..Adam reminds me of those Preachers on TV that say Thou Shalt not commit Fornication meanwhile theres a chick banging the preacher at the end of the church service..Adam Vaughn saying..Close all the clubs meanwhile probably has nightclub theme in his basement and does an eight ball everyweekend..I hear him sniffing alot...Can't be the cat..The bottom line is there's a skeleton in everyones closet, until someone has the balls to do the investigation.Then continue to see your city destroyed.
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