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Well I just found out some details about this, and I'm absolutely appalled by all this.

it's absolutely IRRESPONSIBLE on the part of our police department to execute an arrest warrant for an individual in SUCH A PUBLIC place.

You don't jepordize the safety of 1500 people to arrest 1 individual.

This is obviously a politically backed decision by our left wingnuts (MILLER, VAUGH, and police chief Blair) in cahoots iwth each other.

I'm totally against frivolous suits against the city, but in this case, it's more than warranted.

On one hand, politicians need to pay for this bullshit, on the other, i'm not really up for flipping the bill (and tax payers will), for the serious lack of discretion and concern from incompetents thats running our city.

there must be some sort of process where we can oust vaughn and miller before their terms are up!?
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